benerail turns 20 and illuminates the travellers journey

our 20th birthday gives us the perfect opportunity to look back at our journey and to reaffirm what we’re passionate about: make the booking process of international tickets a seamless experience.
And that experience goes from choosing the destination to booking a ticket, getting to the station, boarding the train, transferring trains, arriving at the destination, and beyond – we want to know it all! At benerail, we are fueled by a relentless curiosity to delve deeper into the mind of the modern traveler. We want to uncover the intricate details of their journey, from the very moment they contemplate their next adventure to the exhilarating experience of reaching their destination.

20 years, 7 teams, 1 basecamp.
An all-encompassing journey

To truly grasp the traveller’s journey, we’re sending our team members on an adventure to some of the most beautiful destinations by train. But this isn’t just any trip – we’re asking them to document every step of their journey and provide feedback on how we can improve the customer experience.

From the majestic Alps to the sustainable and bike-friendly city of Copenhagen or the vineyards of Southern France, our team will have the opportunity to not only explore new cultures, but also take a deep dive into the customer journey of train travellers. This insight will be invaluable in continuing to develop sustainable solutions for international train travel.

With seven destinations to discover and one team at basecamp to ensure everything runs smoothly, this trip promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Destinations and itineraries


The Rheingold, named after the famous opera by Richard Wagner and known for its opulent furnishings, was a luxury train that ran between Amsterdam and Basel. It rose to prominence after WW2 when it became part of the TEE-network.


Riesling grapes are thought to have originated along the Rhine River, and have been grown there for hundreds of years. They’re known for their distinctive floral and fruity flavors, as well as their ability to pair well with a wide variety of foods.


What’s in a name? We travel through the French Alps on the TGV until Turin. The following day, we board the luxurious train known as the “Ferrari of the rail” to Milan, where the Eurocity will transport us through Switzerland to Basel.

Donau Kurier

Donau – Spree – Kurier is the name of a train route operated by Deutsche Bahn and ÖBB. It ran between Wien and Berlin. But we are taking a detour through Budapest.


The Edelweiss, named after the symbol of Switzerland and the rugged purity of the Alpine region, was an international express train that connected Switzerland with the Netherlands. It became one of the first of the first-class-only TEE trains in 1957.


The Étendard was an express train that ran in France during the 1970s. It was equipped with only first-class coaches and operated on a route between Paris and Bordeaux, continuing all the way to the Atlantic Ocean at Arcachon.


Vikings were the first Europeans to discover North America, around 500 years before Christopher Columbus. According to historical records, Viking explorer Leif Erikson landed in what is now Newfoundland, Canada, around the year 1000 AD.

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