benerail turns 20 and illuminates the travellers journey

our 20th birthday gives us the perfect opportunity to look back at our journey and to reaffirm what we’re passionate about: make the booking process of international tickets a seamless experience.

20 years, 7 teams, 1 basecamp.
An all-encompassing journey

At benerail, we are fueled by a relentless curiosity to delve deeper into the mind of the modern traveler. We want to uncover the intricate details of their journey, from the very moment they contemplate their next adventure to the exhilarating experience of reaching their destination.

To truly grasp the traveller’s journey, we’ve send our team members on an adventure to some of the most beautiful destinations by train. We’ve asked the team captains to document every step of their journey and provide feedback on how we can improve the customer experience. With seven destinations to discover and one team at basecamp to ensure everything runs smoothly, this trip promises to be an unforgettable experience.

9 November – our 20th birthday

benerail travel expo “Travel in Europe: Seamless or Not?”
On our birthday party we shared our first-hand experiences from sending colleagues on train trips across Europe.

An insightful discussion on the challenges and opportunities of seamless travel in Europe followed. During this discussion, in the form of a travel expo, we put our findings along the CER Ticketing Roadmap for seamless international passenger rail travel. In each booth, the team captains of the travel teams presented their findings on the customer journey and their solutions:

  • travel through Europe by train with bike
  • Inform traveller actively

  • inform customer better of a change of station within a city

  • shed light on booking horizon

  • Interrail made easy by benerail online reservations

  • real-time info on demand

  • centralized and correct information within one app


What problem are they aiming to solve? What will be the value of the solution and who and what do they need to bring it to life? To know more, fill in the form below!

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