benerail started as a joint venture between the Dutch & Belgian Railways and wants to facilitate seamless travel between countries. If you want to help different types of customers (such as travel agents & online booking tools) to sell international traintickets, then you have come to the right place. Since our start in 2003, we’ve steadily branched out to 17 railway systems to cover 15 countries. Of course we won’t stop there. Our ultimate goal is to cover all European countries for an 800+ km reach of climate-neutral travel by train.

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Junior Data Analyst

about the company benerail is the leading railway retail expert in Europe. Have you ever tried to...

Java Developer

about the company benerail is the Leading Railway Retail Expert in Europe Have you ever tried to...

testimonials from your future co-workers

Tanya McClellan - Scrum Master

I’m interested in making international rail travel easier. Why? To make it a preferred option for many types of passengers. There are many reasons behind this. It’s more ecologically sound than several other options, the risk profile is better, and – last but not least- I personally really like trains. 😊

This modal shift to trains is a big undertaking with many players and many different ways to help. Since my skillset lies in supporting agile teams to create software with built-in quality, benerail was the best place for me to leverage those skills toward the greater goal.

I knew it was the right place when I saw lean principles at work and saw how dedicated our teams are. I’ve been very happy working at benerail for the last 7 weeks!

I would recommend working at benerail to anyone who loves diving deep into complex problem spaces to find the single smallest change we can make immediately to improve. Our culture supports curiosity, trust in and support for each other, and focus on our customers. I particularly enjoyed connecting with my teammates for a spirited volleyball tournament and our 20th year celebration. 😊

Saïd Madhar - Tester

I was drawn to apply for a job at benerail because of my passion for the environment. The exciting opportunity to make sustainable travel possible won me over.

In several ways, working at benerail has been quite different from my previous jobs. The short communication lines and fast response time to requests and suggestions come to mind. I have found that the leadership team is accessible, allowing me to have a greater impact on projects. This level of involvement and influence has been truly fulfilling for me.

One of the aspects I appreciate about benerail is its open and collaborative culture. Benerail encourages employees to suggest improvements and provide and receive feedback. This openness allows me to continuously grow and enhance my work. I have felt supported and valued as a member of the team, knowing that my ideas and opinions are respected.

Recently, I have been working on an exciting project involving the development of the OSDM API. Our team has been making significant progress, and it has been a pleasure to collaborate with my colleagues. Even amidst our success, I was pleasantly surprised when one of my colleagues asked for my feedback on his performance. This demonstrates the team’s commitment to continuous improvement and a supportive work culture. It feels rewarding to be part of a team that encourages growth and personal development.

Khanh Le Thanh - Account Manager

It has been a great pleasure to work with benerail since 2009. I’ve had the opportunity to work as an API implementation manager for travel agents, and in all this time, the only regret I have had is leaving benerail in 2018. Fortunately, they welcomed me back with open arms.

Yes, at benerail, you need to be willing to work hard, deliver on your promises, and be available to collaborate with colleagues. However, you will also feel safe and secure, free to express yourself without judgement, take initiative and make mistakes without fear of repercussions. At benerail, you’ll find a place where your performance and talent is critically evaluated, but at the same time your unique personality is respected and accepted by everyone.

This is why I came back and would stay for as long as possible; because it is a place where I can continually challenge myself and keep growing with the impressive people I’m surrounded by.

collage of five photo's with benerail colleagues.<br />
1: around twenty people enthusiastically raising hands<br />
2: Five people standing in front of Torino Train station<br />
3: Group picture of all colleagues standing in front of a building. One is posing in front, lying on the ground.<br />
4: Two women laughing in a train<br />
5: Around ten people standing in line with one woman standing to the side, cheering everyone on in a teambuilding