travel reseller

benerail makes it possible to easily book international train travel through Europe. No more manually trying to piece together international train trips. Via our unique API platform, we make the booking process simple, accessible, stress-free and crystal clear.

how it works

Just type in your journey’s starting point located in “country A” and its destination in “country B”, and immediately be shown all possible train combination options – along with their total travel times and prices. The chosen option is then booked as one single ticket to be used throughout the whole journey. 🚎 Basically, we do the work for you – to save you valuable time and money!

With train travel quickly becoming the new norm, you’ll also increase your revenue by partnering with us. With benerail at work for you, you’ll instantly become an expert on international train travel.

At present, benerail works with 17 railway systems to cover 15 countries. As the expert in international combinability, benerail’s ultimate goal is to cover all European countries for an 800+ km reach of climate-neutral travel by train. We are quickly and steadily moving towards this goal! Benerail is currently used by over 100 travel resellers worldwide, with this number steadily increasing as well.

why parter with benerail?

  • increase client base by offering one international train travel platform
  • incredibly user-friendly API platform, with integrated functionality for scheduling, inventory management, pricing, distribution and ticketing
  • instant access to multiple European railway carriers and their destinations
  • content from various railway carriers and inventory systems combined for seamless comparison and booking
  • access to a standardized solution for e-fulfillment
  • ability to offer additional valuable services to current customers
  • ability to quickly integrate and configure tariffs (contracted and promotional fares, RIT)
  • easy integration of 3rd party suppliers: customized booking applications to optimize back-end processes and front-end actions
  • state-of-the-art tech hosting and industry best practices: ensures system availability, resilience, performance, scalability and security
  • full support with platform implementation, to include custom development

services offered

At benerail, we prioritize both you AND your customers. With our extended services, you are fully prepared to expertly support all your customers’ needs:

  • back-end data integration service (benerail to client)
  • monitoring and verification check (24/7)
  • full-service tech support, data integration, technical / functional training
  • client support, incident & problem management
  • sales reporting, based on client wishes / needs

To learn how we can support your company, please contact us here.