planning to sell international rail tickets?moove_api is the answer

what is moove_api in a nutshell?

our flagship product makes the booking process simple, accessible, stress-free and crystal clear. Gone are the days of manually searching for available trains, fares and schedules while dealing with individual preferences for each passenger. moove_api puts an end to this complex hassle and simplifies the entire booking-process to get you from A to Z.

Partnering with benerail offers you easy access to domestic and international railway content in Europe. Our platform combines cross country train journeys from different carriers in one single booking.

why you need moove_api


an easy-to-use carrier platform with integrated functionality for scheduling, inventory management, pricing, distribution platform and ticketing


easy to book and interact through our omni-channel distributions platforms (online, app, stations, contact center, and travel resellers) based on OSDM standard*


easy to integrate European railway carriers


customized booking applications to optimize back-end and front-end processes


state-of-the-art technology and industry best-practices to ensure system availability, resilience, performance, scalability and security


experienced full-service support from your platform implementation or custom development work can be provided

moove_api is a multi-provider solution

consistent and
seamless data

Data is obtained from different providers, and all of this is accomplished in a consistent, integrated and seamless way.

different products
from different carriers

Shop for, book and perform aftersales for different products from different carriers encompassing 17 railway systems to cover 15 countries.

lightning fast integration and detailed documentation

We connect you to our moove_api in a mere 4 weeks while you can rely on comprehensive documentation and a devoted testing environment.

the journey to connect

We start your journey with a detailed presentation and a follow-up to address your any technical questions. Afterwards, you get in touch with a commercial distributor. Need any help with this commercial side? No worries, we are here to guide you.

A collaborative kick-off marks the beginning of your journey toward active development. From inquiry to activation, expect a smooth integration process spanning 4-8 weeks to sell your fist ticket.

text reads: connected in 8 weeks

moove_api offers a lot of shopping features

itinerary search and fair look to book

Want to quickly find the best itinerary for your destination without impacting the look to book ratio? Our moove_api allows you to browse itineraries for a streamlined and fast search. 

multiple types of seat reservations

Our moove_api offers optional seat, bed, and berth reservations that you can add or remove from an unconfirmed booking. You can even make standalone or multiple seat reservations.  

valid and consistent combinations

Thanks to 20 years experience, we understand rail. That is why we provide advanced business logic to propose only valid, relevant, and consistent combination of fares, regardless of providers involved. 

technical characteristics

These technical characteristics enable interoperable ticket sales for trains and other modules of transport, defined in the new UIC International Railway Solutions (IRS).

This is a infographic. At the top you see the moove_api logo. From top to bottom you can read this text: </p>
<p>REST/JSON level 2<br />
Reasoned HATEOAS implementation enables the moove_api to link all possible options at every stage of the flow via hyper link.</p>
<p>standardisation<br />
The new API is inspired by the OSDM standard (Open Sales and Distribution Model) to which benerail contributes.</p>
<p>user friendly<br />
The combination logic and rules (intelligence) provided by benerail is user-friendly (no offers and bookings per carrier). Next to that, there is a clear documentation with examples and live testing options.</p>
<p>granularity<br />
There is increased flexibility and there are smaller and more relevant responses.</p>
<p>easy to integrate<br />
Integrating the moove_api means one-time integration instead of multiple integration to carriers. This also means one invoice instead of multiple invoices of each carrier.</p>
<p>versatility<br />
We make sure there is a booking flow just as you want it, to make sure it<br />
suits your front.</p>
<p>increased performance<br />
There is smart caching logic to decrease look2book and response time.</p>
<p>versioning<br />
There is resource-level versioning through content negotiation.<br />

want to get a feel of moove_api?

Contact us and we’ll get in touch for more information or a demonstration of our new API.