position paper: shifting roles in international rail ecosystem – momentum for change

As we all know, the general attention and traction for rail as sustainable mode of travel is on the rise, we have written a position paper that is also part of our strategic intent where we want to position ourselves as a thought leader in the space. In this paper we want to address questions such as: what is needed to translate this growing positive mindset of travelers regarding (international) rail into long term success? Aren’t there still some challenges to overcome? Both including the customer shopping, purchasing and ticketing of passenger transport as well as support during travel, especially in case of disruptions? What blocks these needs from being met?

a long way to go in doubling high-speed traffic by 2030

Even with the railway sector actively promoting improvement initiatives, such as bundled in the CER Ticketing roadmap, there is still a long way to reach a modal shift in mobility with the objective the doubling of high-speed traffic by 2030 as projected by the European Commission.

By identifying and addressing each major barrier that stands in the way of a seamless travel experience across Europe, our collective goals of sustainable growth will be achieved.

why should a public transport solution become difficult if the border is crossed?

The customer expectations of transportation solutions are formed by their experiences with local public transport solutions as well as with the aviation sector.

International railway solutions can only compete if these solution expectations can be matched. Why should a public transport solution become difficult if the border is crossed? User-friendly and standardized processes are the central piece of the puzzle to make this possible.

there’s good news: standardization is in the works! Download the full paper

Would you like to know more about how standardization will positively affect shopping, booking and ticketing of international passenger rail? Please request the full position paper by filling in the form below.

​​meet the teams

Our team of experts at benerail is made up of dedicated professionals with a passion for sustainable travel. Each member brings a unique set of skills and experience to the table, allowing us to tackle complex challenges and drive innovation in the field of train travel.

Our team is united in our mission to create a better, more sustainable future for travel. We are excited to be leading the charge towards climate-neutral train travel in Europe and look forward to continuing to innovate and improve in the years to come.