WPF x benerail 2024

twenty years ago, benerail started as a joint venture between SNCB and NS. After all that time, our mission remains clear. We want to create a platform for selling international train tickets, to cross not only the borders of countries but also the borders of modes of transport.
It’s no wonder we are attending the World Passenger Forum this year—and this time, we are not only visiting but actively presenting! The WPF is a perfect opportunity for us to connect with our community members and other stakeholders in the train sector and discuss one of our favourite topics: OSDM.

what is OSDM?

In short, the Open Sales and Distribution Model (OSDM) platform aims to simplify the booking process for public transport trips. It enables all ticketing stakeholders to have common standards and procedures. This reduces distribution costs for retailers, distributors and carriers and strengthens rail and public transport as convenient and ecological means of transportation.

Read more in this blog post for the longer version.

always daring

We always dared to take our first steps into uncharted territory. We embraced OSDM from the beginning and were among the first to launch an osdm sandbox in February. This led to implementing an OSDM connection with S3 Sqills for the train service between Amsterdam and Brussels.

But like any good story, challenges came our way. Yet we remain steadfast in our belief that OSDM is the key to lower development costs and a common language for a quick start in international train travel.

We need that common language to achieve our goal of covering all European countries for an 800+ km reach of climate-neutral travel by train. Or else, we end up with another Tower of Babel.

World Passenger Festival 2024

So, what does this mean for WPF? Come and see us on June 25 around 14:50 to talk to Mike Reumer and Julie Stroobants about everything OSDM!