benerail launches OSDM API sandbox  

benerail is proud to announce the launch of a sandbox for the OSDM API. We designed the sandbox for our new API, ‘osdm_api,’ as an experimental playground for interested parties to access, share ideas, and collaborate with us. 

As a strong advocate for the OSDM API standard, benerail actively participates in the future of rail ticket sales,” remarked Mark Mallants , co-director at benerail. “One way we participate is by launching the osdsm_api sandbox. With the sandbox, we aim to provide everyone with a learning tool, enabling you to familiarise yourselves with the OSDM API.” 

OSDM API: A cornerstone of the CER Ticketing Roadmap 

The OSDM API, part of the CER Ticketing Roadmap, strategically strengthens rail and public transport as a convenient and ecological means of transportation. How? By developing a common language understood by all stakeholders involved. Not only specifically in rail but also for ticketing systems of other modes of travel.  

By talking the same language, this IT protocol effectively lowers the costs of integrating each other’s systems, making it easier for distributors and ticket vendors to integrate and expand the scope of content. This, in turn, simplifies the booking process for travellers and even reduces distribution costs for retailers, distributors, and carriers. In short, it makes cross-border multimodal travel possible all in one ticket and with clear after-sales conditions. 

seamless integration with other benerail solutions 

Our osdm_api seamlessly integrates with our other benerail solutions, amplifying its potential. It can be used together with our user-friendly front-end application and our advanced moove_api. Whichever tool or combination is the best fit for you, we always supply a comprehensive platform for accessing and managing rail content via multiple interfaces. 

Interested parties can request access to our osdm_api sandbox via our website at 

Parties will receive the credentials, documentation, postman project and, in the future, developer portal with more information.