sandbox osdm_api


benerail, as a proponent of the Full-Service Model Initiative (FSM) and UIC Open Sales and Distribution Model (OSDM) initiative, is proud to announce a sandbox for the UIC OSDM API. Our multi-provider osdm_api sandbox unlocks most of the European rail market via a single OSDM API implementation. The benerail osdm_api sandbox is designed as an experimental playground, and we welcome our partners to access it, share ideas and collaborate with us.


As a pivotal element of the CER Ticketing roadmap, the OSDM API occupies a strategic position to strengthen rail and public transport as a convenient and ecological means of transportation. The UIC OSDM standard aims to enable all ticketing stakeholders to have common standards and procedures. This simplification of the booking process reduces distribution costs for retailers, distributors, and carriers.

The OSDM API provides integrations between different roles, for example, between retailer and distributor or between distributor and allocator (nowadays also referred to as carrier provider). Benerail, as a technical supplier, has the ambition to support both the distributor and allocator role.

why connect to our osdm_api?

Our benerail osdm_api seamlessly integrates with other benerail solutions, amplifying its potential:

  • benerail dossier logic. To combine the information and tickets of multiple carriers, the benerail system creates dossiers, making aftersales operations way easier. This logic is also used for tickets booked via the osdm_api.


  • integration with our brand-new front-end application. The benerail osdm_api can be used in combination with our user-friendly front-end application, enhancing the user experience and providing a comprehensive platform for accessing and managing rail content.


  • combinability with our more granular moove_api endpoints. Our osdm_api can be interconnected to our more specialized moove_api. One promising feature of our moove_api is a detailed calendar showcasing the lowest daily prices, providing valuable insights for travellers and distributors alike.